Thursday, November 10, 2005

This shows how to create Partitions using Norton Patrition Magic

Ok dude i am a person who performs this type of job at least
twice in a month(both 4 me and my friends).But please don't
blame me if anything goes wrong(The Disclaimer HUH).Well here
are the steps.

1.As suggested by hrishi2das You need a third party utility
like Norton partition Magic.But if u need it only for
partitioning ur HD then the boot image will just work fine.It
is a 2.87 MB of download.

  • Link1.
  • Link2.

    if clicking on the links didn't download the file then copy paste the link in the address bar of your browser.That should work

    2.After downloading the Zip file extract the ISO disk image
    from it and burn it on a CD(prferably WR CD if u don't want
    to loose a cd by just writing 2.87 mb to it.LOL)

    3.Now Pop that CD into your CD drive and reboot your
    system.The System will boot from the cd rom if it don't boot
    from the cd change the BIOS option and set the primary boot
    device as CD-ROM(this option is found under the advance bios
    setup in case of award BIOSes).Now the Norton partition magic
    GUI will open.

    4.As u said You have windows XP preloaded.Depending on the
    type of file system Partition magic will show you the disk
    information.if win xp was installed in ur system using the
    default NTFS file system you will get some thing like this in
    your screen.

    5.Now u say u want 3 partitions of 20GB each.For that delete
    the existing partition by clicking the "Delete Partition"
    button(or else Operations->Delete...).It will come up with a
    confirmation dialog type "OK" and press "Enter".This will
    show the dialog "This is a active ...." click ok again(or
    press "Enter")

    6.Now lets create partitions(This is the largest step).As u
    said u have a 60GB HD.It is 60*1024=61440MB.Dividing it into
    three equal partsgives the result 20480MB.OK too much of
    maths.Now click on the "Create Partition Button"(or
    Operations->create...).Now the create partition dialog box
    will open.Fill up the parameters as given below.

    Create As-------------Primary Partition
    Partition Type--------NTFS(If u only want to install XP if
    planning to keep win98 also choose FAT)
    Label-----------------Anything you wish May be blank also
    Size------------------20481.3 (i.e. 20 GB)
    Cluster Size----------Default
    NTFS Version----------(3.1)Windows XP
    Now click OK.Now you will see something like this.

    Now Click on unallocated and repet the same procedure above except
    Create As-------------Logical Partition

    Click OK.Now you will see something like this.

    Repet the same for the rest unallocated spaces.and finally u
    will c something like this.

    Click on the "Apply" Button.It
    will come up with a dialog saying "n operations are currently
    pending.Apply changes now?"(n is any intezer generally less than 5 or 6)Click "Yes"(Obviously).

    It will start processing as shown below.

    and after all operations Completed successfully click "OK".Now Click "Exit".Most
    Probably it will prompt for restarting.Clicking on
    "Details>>" will show details that why should you restart
    your pc.however Click "OK" to restart your PC.

    Now if you still have the partition magic CD then it wil show you the
    1 NTFS primary,2 NTFS Logical and 1 Extended Partition

    7.Now you have your desired partitions.Take out the Partition
    magic CD and put a bootable Windows XP cd.I insist on using
    original Windows Software(No neither i am bill gates bhatijaa
    chill gates nor even i own an original Win Xp but what's the
    harm in giving an advice LOL).When u see this page

    I suggest you to format the drives(all the three one primary and other
    logical) using NTFS file system(Quick).For example to format
    the 'C' drive or partition1 Press enter while it is in
    focus.then in the next page select "Format partition using
    NTFS file system(quick)" and press enter.Then Press 'F' to
    format.From now onwards i assume that u know how to install
    Windows XP.Have a nice day(Gr8 song by Bon jovi must listin LOL)

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